1/2 | Etsy Meet Amsterdam | #EtsyMeetsNL

Studio Appeltjesgroen


Etsy is a website where many, many people have been ‘a victim‘ by buying all the cute and fun products they find there! Almost everything you can find on Etsy has been made by another person with lots of love, and will arrive in a super cute or interesting packaging at your place. It’s a fun experience and you can get pretty addicted to it. Etsy is a website where lots of people have their online webshop. I myself also have a Etsy (www.studioappeltjesgroen.etsy.com) and I sell all kind of products I made myself. From postcards till small press booklets and buttons!

The website of Etsy is pretty populaire in the USA. In Europe are also some communities that come together to sell and buy peoples products but not everyone knows the site. The Netherlands had an Etsy HQ once, but it merged together with EtsyUK and…

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