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Christmas gift idea

Many people will find it too early to start Christmas gift ideas just after the summer, but we must be there. Many people are already looking and I have a very special Christmas gift idea here.

Personalized custom made handpainted portraits bottle art portrait winebottle brown Etsy Gallery Galleries artists exclusive shop shops shopping unique gift ideasA custom hand-painted portrait on an empty wine bottle. This is an acrylic artwork on a bottle. Personalized art painting on glasswork and decorated with rope. A unique gift for him or her. Hand-painted upcycled art by Liesbeth Visscher (Aparticle)

A unique gift for loved ones, dad, mom, family members, anyone you love or give a special gift. An original Christmas present such as sock stopper or under the Christmas tree.

Especially festive packed and ready to give for the holidays.

The model I used for this wine bottle is that of my father-in-law. This bottle I gave him for his birthday. This unique gift therefore does not only have Christmas, but also for example Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, Birthday or just a festive affair.

This original artwork on bottles is acrylic paint on glass. Finished with acrylic-based varnish and splash waterproof.

The bottle is 31 cm (12.2 inches) high and is 75 mm (2.95 inches) in diameter

More info about this original gift: Hand painted wine bottle

* In view of the rules on dispatching alcoholic beverages, this portrait can not be painted on a full (wine) bottle.

Happy Holidays :))